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Don't just take our word for it, read the reviews, recommendations and feedback left for all of Talya's services:

Talyas Testimonials.png
Talyas Testimonials.png
Talyas Testimonials.png

“Talya's cooking is divine! The ossobuco was the best I've ever tasted and so tender it melted in the mouth! And she also knows how to make humble vegetables taste amazing! Heartily recommended!”

- Judy Wu

“I had the pleasure to participate in Middle-Eastern workshop last week and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though most of my home cooking are from the same cuisine, Talya opened my mind and gave me more ideas how to improve my cooking. In the workshop we got the chance to make our own dishes and also taste Talya's delicious home made food. It is all about improvising not sticking to recipes which I think is great.. We got the chance to try and teste lots of spices and food textures.. I highly recommend it and I definitely going to join the next one!”

- Liad Klein

A few days ago I've attended Talya's 'SEASONAL DELIGHTS' cooking workshop and it was wonderful. I was surprised to discover how many new tips, ideas and inspirations could be handed in 3 hours of pure fun. Talya is a great host and cook, and a generous soul (we got a great, useful present at the end of the workshop). The food was superb and the participants were a bunch of great women who enjoy food as well as company. Who could ask for more, really? Thank you all, but mainly you Talya for a great afternoon and for the boost of kitchen creativity. I highly recommend Talya's workshop's to anyone who enjoys good food and playfulness.”

- Dana Rubashov Venger

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Talyas Testimonials.png

“Talya’s food is excellent and healthy, and reasonably priced. It tastes as good as it looks. She catered a dinner party for us and we got rave reviews. I would use her again in a heartbeat!”

- Amy Lynn Briner Richards

“Talya has opened my mind to a whole different approach to healthy, wholesome food - she’s made the concept of cooking good food ‘doable’ in a very possible way. Since taking her delightful and very fun workshop, I’ve got a new attitude, and I’m very grateful to her for it.”

- Tami Olden Sufott Chaitchik

“I attended Talya's Middle-Eastern Delights workshop today. It was a real feast of colours, flavours and textures. Talya orchestrated an amazing array of creative and delicious dishes inspired by the Syrian cuisine. We received many tips for a more daring and "out of the box" approach to cooking. This is one of the things I took with me from today's workshop. I find Talya's approach to cooking very refreshing and unique. I'll will venture to implement it when I cook. I can't wait for your next workshop! Thank you so much for such an enjoyable morning.”

- Esther Levene


“I highly recommend Talya's cooking workshop. Talya showed us a variety of veggies herbs and seeds which I recognise from the menus of the best restaurants in town- I just never thought I'll be able to use them in my humble kitchen! She gave simple kitchen procedures we could easily follow - I am sure I'll adding many new dishes and ingredients to my repotoir thanks to Talya. The experience itself is lovely- she brings so many dishes and ingredients with beautiful pottery - I could have sworn I was in Provence for the afternoon. Lots of fun- go for it.”

- Shiri Atsmon


“Fabulous food!! Enjoyed all the different tastes and textures with lots of colourful delights! So creative and inspiring. Recommend anyone to experience Talya's spontaneous way of cooking. Love it!” 

- Jamie Campbell


“Tayla's food is absolutely delicious and she makes preparing it look so easy! Her approach to cooking is very refreshing - she teaches you to experiment without fear. I left her workshop inspired to try new things in my kitchen - but to perfectly duplicate her amazing burrata salad and parsnip fritters. Yum!”

- Raquel Grosman

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